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Walden Pond - Concord - Lincoln, MA.

Cape Neddick Lighthouse - Cape Neddick, ME - Dec - 2011

Losbter Trap Christmas Trap - Rockland, ME.

Marshall Point Lighthouse - Port Clyde, ME.
In the movie "Forest Grump"

Owls Head Lighthouse is a short, stubby lighthouse only 20 feet tall, yet stands 100 feet above the water. It began service in 1825, and it is one of the oldest existing towers in Maine. An electronic pure tone fog signal warns the mariner of Owls Head when the weather becomes "thick". A fixed 4th order lens is still in use in the lantern room. The Owl's Head Lighthouse got its name due to the fact that from the water the point looks like an owl's head with two caves serving as the eyes.

Owls Head Lighthouse - Rockland, ME.

There is a Lighthouse at the end of this jettey !
It's 7/8 of a mile to the lighthouse oneway.

Rockland Breakwater Light - Rockland, ME.

Russ & Linda - Mid-Hudson Trail - November 19, 2011

My Grand-daughter Kailyn Elizabeth Ritter - Painted by Theresa Quigley

Franklin Pond - One year later - See Fall 2010

Pine Cones - Planting Fields - November 6, 2011

Window Box & Pumpkins

Barn At Mediavilla Orchards - Huntington, NY

Red Barn - Sharon, CT.

This is a photo of an painting done by High School art teacher.

Kent Falls, located in the northeastern section of the town of Kent, is a series of waterfalls on a mountain stream known as Falls Brook. The stream begins in the town of Warren, draining an area of six or seven square miles. It then flows west to the big fall where it plunges approximately 70 feet in a dramatic cascade. From here the stream descends in a series of lesser falls and cascades to the valley, where it enters the Housatonic River some 200 feet below the brink of the big fall only a quarter mile away. Much of the limestone over which the brook flows has been carved into interesting shapes including numerous potholes of all sizes.

Heading up on trail above main falls

Cornwall Covered Bridge - Sharon, CT.

Barn in Sharon, CT.

Old Grist Mill now a private home.

Took a day ride to Downsville, NY

Cabin on Hausman's Hollow - Downsville, NY - October 8, 2011

Hand Tools - Rusting away

Fall Colors - Along Route 30 near Downsville, NY

In 1874 Congress appropriated $15,000 to build a light station at the Nubble. The Lighthouse was authorized for construction in 1877 by President Rutherford B.Hayes. In 1879 construction began and the Lighthouse was dedicated by US Lighthouse service on July 1, 1879.

The keeper's house is two stories and includes a family room, dining room, pantry, laundry room and kitchen. A covered walkway built in1911, connect the keeper's house to the tower. The light is located in a 41-foot tower, 88 feet above the high water mark. The tower was originally painted a reddish-brown. The tower was painted white in 1902.
The tower is 13' in diameter, built of brick, and about 18" thick, and reinforced by an outer shell of iron sheathing. The original bell tower was taken down in 1961.

Nubble Lighthouse from Schoer Park - September 29, 2011

Homes from the ocean side of Cape Neddick

Nubble Lighthouse looking West from the ocean side

Nubble Lighthouse look North from the ocean

Nubble Lighthouse - From the ocean side

Full View of Nubble Lighthouse

Portland Head Light is a historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine that sits at the entrance of the shipping channel into Casco Bay. The headlight was the first built by the United States government, and is now a part of Fort Williams Park.

Portland Head Light - On a very clouded day - October 1, 2011

Portland Head Light - October 1, 2011

Small waterfalls on the Webhannet River - Wells, ME
The water is notably brown in color from the tannins leached from the cedar swamps which the river drains.