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Lynne - Hawaii 2011

Roadside Sunflower Field
Greenport, NY 

Planting Field's - August 2011

Route 22 North

Appalachian Trail Stop on Metro North Line - Pawling, NY

Fire Island Lighthouse
August 12, 2011

Fire Island Lighthouse
Looking North
August 12, 2011

Bastion Falls on Kaaterskill Creek - August 15, 2011
Kaaterskill Creek is a tributary to the Catskill Creek which runs from the Kaaterskill State Forest in the town of Palenville, New York, Greene County, New York to the Catskill Creek at Cauterskill, New York. The Creek flows through the Kaaterskill Clove and over the Kaaterskill Falls before joining with the Catskill Creek.

Kaaterskill Creek - August 15, 2011

West Quoddy Head in Lubec, Maine is the easternmost point of the contiguous United States and the closest point to Europe from a point in the fifty States. West Quoddy Head overlooks Quoddy Narrows, a strait between Canada and the United States. Since 1808, there has been a lighthouse there to guide ships through the waterway. The current one, with distinctive red-and-white stripes, was built in 1858. Photographs and paintings of this lighthouse are frequently reproduced. The 3rd order Fresnel lens is the only 3rd order and one of only eight Fresnel lenses still in use on the Maine Coast.

5:12 AM Sunrise August 24, 2011 - West Quoddy Head Light - Lubec, Maine

Looking East across to Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

East Quoddy is located on the northern end of Campobello Island, New Brunswick. It is maintained by the Canadian Coast Guard. The daymark, the large red painted cross, is typical of Canadian lighthouse daymarks--it is easier to see against a snowy background. East Quoddy Head Lighthouse, is also known as Head Harbour Light. Although East Quoddy Lighthouse can be viewed from the shore at a great distance, the view is hindered by a center island located between the lighthouse and the shore next to the parking lot. To reach the lighthouse, a person must climb down a series of steep, slippery, thin rod iron ladders. The view from the center island is much better, but to reach the lighthouse a person must travel across slippery moss covered rocks. All of this, can only be accomplished during low tide. There is a sign cautioning of the extremely quick rising tide--which can strand a person on the island for many hours. All in all, this lighthouse is truly beautiful and well worth visiting.

Towering majestically on the eastern tip of Campobello Island
stands the "East Quoddy Lighthouse", also more familiar to
everyone as the "Head Harbour Lighthouse". An isolated home
in years past, to the many lightkeepers and their families, it stands
now unmanned.

The afternoon brings in the clouds.

Sunrise August 24, 2011- with the 1857 fresnel lens on.

Looking Northeast.

Looking Southeast

Sunrise - August 24, 2011 - This is the first land fall the Sunrise makes in the United States.

FDR's Summer Home -